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#Creating Memories

A new brand for High Quality Woven Baby Wraps and Ringslings, based in Germany. Aiming to discover unique fibres, weaves and patterns.

100% Eri Silk Ringslings, handspun, handwoven & naturally dyed

We have something very special coming up: our first release will be a collaboration with the extraordinary project WE ARE KAL from Leipzig. The founder, Catherine AlliƩ, and her collaborators are producing amazing fibres and fabrics in a transparent, fairtrade kind of way in Assam, India.

The fibre we would like to introduce to you is not only new to Babywearing, but also outstanding in many ways. This silk, called Eri silk, is a peace silk, no silkworms are harmed through the production. The silk fibre is handspun, handwoven and naturally dyed using ingredients like turmeric or Black Tea. numerous households have a handloom in assam and the old tradition of this slow and sustainable textile prouction is handed down from generation to generation.

It is a robust, very supportive fibre, reminding rather of cotton or flax than of silk, and with its thermal properties cooling in summer and warming in winter. 
In terms of WQ, it combines a few amazing qualities: medium thick, easy to wrap with yet strong and supportive, and becoming very soft after a short breaking in- period.


If you want to get to know more about the production process, you can find some information here: